An Abused Africa

From an ethical standpoint, the world’s most powerful countries have a responsibility to Africa to assist in the many issues going on there. The direct and indirect evidence of the destabilization of African governments by outside governments, in a variety of ways, in order to plunder the natual resources and place their businesses is widespread. Recently, Africa’s situation has gone from bad to worse as the leaders that once promised to make things different are now the problem themselves. As the leaders settle in to power and realize how ingrained the world’s grip is on the leash around Africa’a throat, they loose their idealism, they become the thing they once hated.
Unfortunately, few outsiders care, and why would they as their lifestyles, in many cases, are carried by the resources and labors of Africa. Africans are going to have to band together and take responsibility for themselves. Once upon a time, Africa was a symbol of strength and freedom that inspired America’s black population to know that they were more than they believed they could be. Now, it is time for the little brother to lead – now it is time for Africa to look at what’s happenning in African-American communities where the people are learning that they themselves have become their own worst enemy. They are learning to stop the in-fighting, to band together, and to take back their communities. Africa can get out from under the weight of the world, but it must do it as a whole – and right or wrong, it will likely have to do it by itself.


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