Nationalism – The Setting Stage of Ethnic Abuses

It is difficult to say that nationalism, a shared pride in a national unit, is bad. It isn’t. It is the glue that makes us all feel we are part of something important, that we have something in common, and when it coincides with respect for your fellow citizen, it leads to a unified commerce.

Nationalism is an ego. Ego is what makes a man move on in dire situations; it even makes a man strive to overcome natures laws themselves (see the worlds of science & invention). Ego is a necessity to human survival; nationalism is a necessity to national development and unity.

Ego can also destroy a man, however, because, as is our human nature, we get addicted to feel-good emotions, especial the ones that foster delusions that relieve the stresses of reality.

Nationalism, when left unchecked, has been the sprouting seed of a number of global problems (Nazi nationalism {Book – Inside Nazi Germany}, Japanese nationalism, British nationalism; just to mention a small time period in world history). Basic fertilizers have been economic decline (basic human struggle to survive), national shame/embarrassment (slashed ego), and sudden influx of out-side cultures (dilution of communal spirit).

Russia, suffering many social/economic issues, is a prime candidate for nationalism. And with the three social fertilizers mentioned above, their current instance of nationalism is likely to be a great thorn in their future.

Putin’s efforts to cover up the errors of Russia’s past foster this national pride. It isn’t even that I blame the Russians for adding to the great collection of human faux pas to which every nation in al of history has contributed. However, by allowing these delusions, although it relieves the ego of an entire nation, will eventually fertilize a world view which simply repeats the past instead of learning from it. Russia may very well regain super-power status. However, they must keep in mind that although nationalism can motivate the arm, man still must swing the hammer and labor toward stability. Pulling triggers will do nothing to make their great nation respectable, financially sound, let alone trusted.


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