I’m a bare-bones and big-picture thinker. Although, I understand the general purpose of this question, I can’t help but hear it in its most simplistic form.

How has learning affected my thoughts or ideas?

Well, I’d be a real idiot. If I hadn’t learned to crawl or walk, I might have grown with the impression that the world was there to serve me just as my parents would have had to do. If I hadn’t learned to speak, I would have developed an emotional complex feeling I was never fully understood. If I was not able to learn, I would live my entire life in some special care facility for the dumb.

Learning obviously broadens the mind, exposing it to perspectives our imaginations are often too self-centered to create. It gives us the tools with which to mold our environments more to our liking, and it allows us to adapt in a world that will change endlessly. Learning moves us forward and sometimes backward.

Learning taught me that I’m better than other people, then it taught me that I was mistaken about that. Learning taught some people the world is flat; it taught me that it’s round; who knows what it will teach the future generations…multi-dimensionality is a very solid concept in physics and religion both.

The one thing I know is that learning makes me feel alive…and I like living.


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